Dear Google, Part Deux

Close on the heels of my previous post, this happens:

A number of sources, including tipsters reporting directly to TechCrunch, as well as Google support forum posters and individuals on Twitter are reporting that Google’s Hangouts service is having some trouble routing instant messages correctly. The bug apparently sees messages sent via legacy Google Talk clients delivered to friends using Hangouts who weren’t addressed in the original as well as to their intended target.

One of our tipsters described exactly how it’s happening: Using Google Talk on Windows 7, they attempted to send messages to work mates and found that they’d been delivered to the wrong employee in one case, and to an ex-employee in another. More than 10 people have now reported the same issue in a Google Group for chat and Hangouts support. And, as you can see from the select sample below, many are reporting the same problem via Twitter.

Well done, Google.

That said, as of this morning, Hangouts was updated and it *looks like* the “2 mins” bug has been fixed, but they’ve introduced another idiotic UI “feature”. By default, the main screen of Hangouts shows only a list of your recent conversations, with no way of showing more contacts or those you haven’t had a chat with yet. They seem to have added one more hoop to jump through before starting a conversation. Why can’t I pick or search from the home screen?

This also seems to be another trend with Google: moving from one-click navigation to requiring multiple clicks just to make everything look “neater”. My GMail page suddenly lost all links at the top to access Drive / Maps / Search / Plus, now I have to click a non-descriptive icon to get there. Same with YouTube – it requires multiple clicks to change settings or resolution on videos now.

Maybe I’ll get over it, like I have done various changes in UI for GMail and YouTube and the likes.

Maybe, like some other sites, I’ll just tire of them and just use them less. Wonder if Google has decided to take that chance.

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