I’m a geek – and proud of it – and yet I sort of cringe each time someone says “You’re such a geek!”. This is because I’m normally at the receiving end of the compliment when I show an above-average understanding of how to use a computer, like not using the mouse to switch between windows.

That’s not geekery! Being a geek means being passionate about something, passionate enough to find out such details about that thing that 90% of people wouldn’t. You can be a music geek and tell me which songs are played in minor key and why; you can be a literature geek and tell me all the phrases Shakespeare was responsible for introducing into the English language. You can be a cooking geek and tell me vindaloo MUST be made with pork and not lamb and why. Or you can be like me and identify different aircraft from their air intakes.

Just because I once used MS Excel to make shopping lists doesn’t make me a geek.

Why this blog? I’m not so sure yet. I thought I needed space to write about stuff that I notice that has a bit of a technological, numerical or scientific bent, and is not meant to be somewhere I write about daily life or politics or random thoughts on boring days. Let’s see how it goes, for all I know it might end up being abandoned after the third or fourth entry.

PS: Nerds are just crazy geeks whose extreme geekery has caused them to be socially inept. And those people on The Big Bang Theory are nothing like us geeks.

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